Climbers of Northern Rocks! We’re fundraising, and it’s for a fantastic and worthy charity.
Click on this link to see a video explaining the whole event!
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The challenge? On Saturday 7th November we are going climb Everest at Northern Rocks. Yes, you read correctly.
AND we have support and prizes from a swag load of sponsors for everyone who participates!
Becca is a member at Northern Rocks and has been climbing since she was 4 years old. She’s now 14yrs, but when she was 7 years old she lost her mum to Leukemia. Kenzie’s Gift were there throughout her Mum’s illness and when she passed away. They care for kids facing grief and loss, including providing professional counseling services to young people who have suffered great loss.
We want to recognize their work and raise funds to help them continue working for our youth and families, and we can’t do it without you.
How can you help? Climb! As much as you can!
Date: Saturday 7th November
Time: 10am – 7pm climb anytime within this time frame.
Prizes will be drawn at the end of the day and held/sent out to climbers who have left (no need to stay all day, climb when suits you!)
Challenges: we will hold a bouldering/climbing fundraising day including two challenges for you to take part in.
Ways to donate:
– Donate on the day by taking part in the bouldering challenges
– Donate on the givealittle page (link above)
– Donate through a silent auction for a large photograph print ‘Climbers Hands’ by Lee Howell (on the day at NR)
1. “Around the World”.
Mixed pairs (male and female) will attempt to climb all the climbs in the gym. You’ll start with the oranges and work through all the climbs until you finish on the whites. The winner will have got the furthest through the colour grades/boulders. This is all about team work!
2. “The Grind” A bouldering marathon. All climbers will record their climbs so everyone is automatically entered in “The Grind”. The accumulated climbs in metres will be tallied to see if we can conquer Everest!
We have a GRAND PRIZE for the climber who completes the greatest number of climbs. There is no restriction on difficulty so this is open to all levels. You just need to climb the furthest (most amount of boulders) to win!
Cost: $10 + gym entry or membership
All proceeds to Kenzie’s Gift
If you can’t be there you can still help with the fundraiser by going to givealittle and searching for “Climb for Kenzie”. Even the smallest donation can help a young person dealing with grief and loss.