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We can all agree that 2020 has been a year of curve balls and challenges! Covid-19 has affected normal activities for people all around the world, and our thoughts are with all of you during this hugely challenging time. We are relieved and excited to be able to reopen our facility again at Level 2. If you were with us during the last level 2 period you know what to do, and we’ve updated our health and safety procedures to comply with Govt guidelines as follows.

We ask you to help us in ensuring our facility stays safe and healthy for you and for our staff, by reading and complying with the following:

Opening day: Monday 31st August

Hours: Regular hours apply – Monday to Friday 12pm – 10pm; Saturday-Sunday 10am – 10pm
Covid-19 QR Code: Please scan your covid-19 tracker app on arrival at the facility
Washing hands: Guests will thoroughly wash their hands before checking in at reception. 
– Please wash your hands several times during your climbing session. A good rule of thumb is to wash your hands after 3 boulders/tries.
Checking in: After washing hands, please check in or scan in at reception. ALL guests must check in (and out).
Checking out: During level 2 we must monitor numbers in the facility, with no more than 100 people at one time. This means you must CHECK OUT when leaving so that our numbers in the gym are kept up to date. 
Climbing Time: If you are able to plan your session during the day in off peak times, then do so! There is no limit to your climbing time however please respect your fellow climbers and if you are finished climbing, leave the facility to open a space for someone else. 
Social distancing: All customers must keep 1m apart when in the facility
Capacity: No more than 100 people in the facility, and no group bookings or groups over 10 people 
Masks:  We highly recommend wearing a mask when you’re in our facility, this is the safest way to keep yourself and your peers safe
Fitness Area: Capacity 4 people in the fitness gym at one time
Good practices you can follow:
  • We highly recommend using Alcohol based liquid chalk due to the alcohol content acting to help sanitize your hands and our holds. We will have Friction Labs liquid chalk available for purchase.
  • Bring your own pre-filled drink bottle
  • Practice good sneeze and cough hygiene (coughing into your elbow, used tissues in bin)
  • Wipe down fitness equipment after use with the cleaning equipment available
  • Shower at home rather than at Northern Rocks
  • If you are feeling unwell, have traveled recently or been in contact with anyone at risk of CV19, follow govt guidelines, stay at home and avoid the gym for a few days.

Northern Rocks will continue our increased measures in all areas of hygiene, including extensive and frequent cleaning to all surfaces, areas, fitness equipment, social spaces, handles and railings, general equipment and so on.



If you have climbed with us before but you don’t have a membership or punch card or would like to renew, they are available online: ONLINE MEMBERSHIPS
For those of you that completed our member options survey send out during the closure (survey now closed), we will update your membership as requested.
For all other members – 
Prepaid memberships: All prepaid memberships will be extended by the period of closure – you won’t lose any climbing time!
Billed memberships: All memberships that are billed monthly – for the billing cycle on 1st September you will be credited the days we were closed in August, and only billed for the remaining days of the month. We will have been closed for 19 days in August, so for September you will only be billed for 11 days in September to cover the closure period. 
Any further freeze or cancellation requests outside of the closure period will be processed as normal. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding memberships by emailing [email protected]
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Youth classes will resume from Monday 31st August.

On arrival, please follow the procedure above and when you check in at reception a staff member will allocate you a place to wait for your coach. We will be splitting up the classes to ensure there is no more than 10 people within one group. 


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YOGA & Boulder Classes

Yoga and adult boulder classes will resume from Monday 7th September and we will post our schedule as normal on the website and facebook. Both yoga and classes can be viewed on the website by clicking any “Book Here”

– Skip forward a month to see September classes:
– Direct link to schedule: ONLINE SCHEDULE 
As always we will be closely monitoring any govt updates and will adjust our response as necessary. Please keep an eye out for updates.
We hope you are all doing well and have made the most of the level 3 period. Thank you for your continued support we love our community and can’t wait to see you all in here again soon!
& the whole team :)