Whether you’re a first time climber or a seasoned gym junkie, Northern Rocks offers classes for all levels of ability, taking the stress out of what to do when you come in for a session and providing you with the necessary tools for getting the most out of your bouldering.

Bouldering Fundamentals

New to bouldering? Been climbing for a while and looking for a few tips to progress to the next level? The one hour bouldering foundation class is ideal for those new to bouldering or looking to progress their climbing technique ~ you’ll learn fundamental technique and form a reliable level of skills to kick start your bouldering. We will cover essential climbing technique, the colour grading system, movement styles and forms and advice on how to approach and improve your bouldering sessions independently. FREE climbing shoe hire!


$25 + entry/membership


1 Hour



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Welcome to our Masterclasses courses!
A series of specialized classes focusing on training for climbing.

Intro to Aerial Hoop 4 week workshop!!

Grace has been practicing aerial arts for over 5 years, trained by former Cirque du Soleil membrs.

This four-week introduction class to aerial hoop is designed to immerse beginners into the enchanting world of aerial arts. Over the course of four one-hour sessions, participants will progressively learn fundamental techniques, skills and moves on aerial hoop, that can all be connected into a mini sequence at the end of the course.

You can expect to build strength, flexibility, and confidence in maneuvering on the hoop, which can be translated to other sports that require body awareness. Whether you’re a novice or would like a refresher, this class offers a supportive environment to explore the beauty and grace of aerial hoop.

Date: starting Sat 20 Jan & Mon 23 Jan
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Personalised Coaching

Private coaching is ideal for individuals who are looking to extend their technical climbing skills or tailor a session to work on personalised climbing goals. Our experienced coaches will give you feedback on your climbing or training technique, work on particular movement skills, or train with you on the circuit boards or callisthenic equipment.

There’s nothing better than climbing with your mates. Grab a coached session with 2 or 3 people or go for one on one!

If you’re after a group class, check out the boulder classes for colour grades or get in touch with your group needs and we’ll personalise the session.


$80 + Entry


1 Hour


All ages

Or $120 group of 2

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Boulder Classes for colour grades & Workshops

We offer bouldering classes for each colour grade and technique workshops! Our climbs are grading by colour so if you’re struggling to work out the movements or techniques for some of the climbs, these classes are for you.

It can be really valuable to participate in a coached session where an experienced climbing coach can watch you climb and give you tips for improving your technique and movement skills. We guarantee you’ll learn the tools to top some of your projects during these coached sessions!

Check out the schedule – we update the schedule regularly.




1.15 Hour


All ages

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Boulder Women

Weekly Wednesdays

Boulder Women is a meet up group for girls and women who are keen to connect and boulder together, be inspired by each other and feel comfortable in the climbing gym.

If you’re new to climbing, and not sure where to start, this group is a perfect way to meet other boulder-centric awesome women! And if you’re experienced, we would love to meet you, boulder with you, make new connections and encourage the new climbers on the wall.

Northern Rocks coaches will be there to climb with you, plus Yoga/Mobility extraordinaire Kate Montgomery will be taking the warm up/mobility sessions.

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Stretch, breathe and enhance your flexibility, core tension, mobility and flow with our experienced and extraordinary yoga instructors.

Please come along on Tuesdays/Thursdays 6-7pm! Yoga is FREE for members and $15 for non-members.

Tuesdays ~ Kristine
Thursdays ~ Sharne

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Kinstretch for Climbers & Mobility.

Kinstretch for climbers & mobility is a limited edition series of mobility developed for people who need more flexibility, and the ability to use their ranges of motion. It’s great for climbers especially, because it will help you find more range for moves like drop knees, high steps and getting closer to the wall, as well as helping to bulletproof your shoulders for climbing.

Kate Montgomery ~ Yoga & Mobility instructor, Les Mills Personal Trainer and Climber


Youth Climbing

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    We are proud to work alongside incredible coaches and yoga instructors who each bring their individual set of skills, creativity, inspiration, and expertise.


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