Boulder Women.

Boulder Women is a meet up group for girls and women who are keen to connect and boulder together, be inspired by each other and feel comfortable in the climbing gym. We are committed to providing opportunities for our young girls and women to get active, boost confidence, participate and enjoy the amazing sport of climbing (bouldering).
If you’re new to climbing, and not sure where to start, this group is a perfect way to meet other boulder-centric awesome girls & women! And if you’re experienced, we would love to meet you, climb with you, make new connections and encourage the new climbers on the wall.


Weekly meetup

Every Wednesday we meet at Northern Rocks 6:30pm-8:30pm

Boulder women meet every Wednesday at Northern Rocks for a fun, supportive climbing session with coaching led by experienced female coaches! This group is the perfect way to meet and connect with other rad women, and get help from the coaches on those climbs you’re working on.

It’s also the perfect place to get started if you’re new to bouldering as we will help you out with tips and tricks to kick start your bouldering!

We would love to meet you and boulder with you, so come on down and we’ll see you there. Normal entry applies, there is no additional cost.

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She Climbs.

Partnering with Sport NZ and the #itsmymove campaign, She Climbs is a climbing (bouldering) program designed to engage young women in sport, specifically climbing! She Climbs offers a safe and social space for high school age women to experience bouldering and connect with other rad young women. Our program will help young women gain confidence, build body positivity, grow friendships and receive quality coaching from our experienced female coaches.

She Climb empowers young women to give climbing a go in a safe and supportive environment, and to have fun while participating in active recreation! We encourage young women to challenge themselves on the wide variety of climbing terrain, learn new movements, be inspired by each other, and gain fitness and self confidence. Bouldering is for everyone, and is an activity that women can excel in with the techniques, balance and problem solving skills involved!

Fridays: 20 May – 8 July

Coaches: Northern Rocks coach & climber Lisa Parkin and National youth climbing team member Rebecca Hounsell


Regular gym entry, no additional cost.


4:30-6:30pm Fridays


High school age year 9-13

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Boulder Women Workshop & Seminar! 25th June 2022

Climbing, Coaching, Yoga, Strength and Conditioning. All levels, all welcome!!

This is going to be an amazing, inspiring and fun festival workshop for girls and women. If you’ve come along to one of our workshops before, you know it’s a great chance to connect with other women, learn new skills, hear from some inspiring women and boulder together with great coaching available.

This workshop will include:

  • Kinstretch mobility including a focus on mobility that is beneficial for climbers and general health with Kate Montgomery.
  • Nutrition for climbing and training for women
  • How to train for climbing/bouldering
  • Injury prevention and using the hydraulic wall, Tension board & campus board
  • Climbing coaching and projecting for all levels
  • Strength & conditioning exercises and instruction

Coming soon


Sat 25 June 10am - 4pm



Coming Soon Coming Soon

About Us.

Northern Rocks is committed to creating a safe and healthy space for girls and women to participate and excel in climbing & bouldering. We have a female Director & General Manager, and a great team of women on our staff who are psyched on climbing, and psyched to support other women in their climbing journey.

We encourage girls and women to give it a go! Bouldering is for everyone, at all levels of experience. Northern Rocks is a fun, vibrant place where women are encouraged to take charge of their health and fitness, be confident in their bodies and crush on the climbing wall.


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