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Annual Boulder Bash Extravaganza!!

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It’s time. Our annual extravaganza Boulder Bash competition is BACK and it’s going to be better than ever!
Bangin’ boulders, DJ beats, swag load of prizes, food truck, beginner through to advanced categories, social times, fun times, Zane on the MC mic with a sweet costume, it’s going to be great.
Special thanks to RAB Equipment for supporting the event with some amazing prizes!!
Our Boulder Bash will be fun filled and relaxed event for all ages and abilities, and you’re ALL invited! Come on down and join the fun, all ages and abilities are welcome .
*REMEMBER* The competition is held on some existing boulders, with new climb set weekly in the build up with our regular re-sets, so you can get practicing on your projects in the weeks leading up to the event, and send them on the day!
*Finals will be brand new climbs that no one has seen*
Each boulder problem in the gym will be allocated points depending on the difficulty. You’ll have 2 hours to climb your hardest boulders and the top ten boulders you complete will count to your final score.
*Climbs within a colour will be given different points depending on their difficulty. As our colours overlap slightly in grades, boulders will be graded for how difficult they are rather than which colour they are. Get to know your climbs! For example, a hard yellow might be higher points than an easy red.
Fresh off the Blocs category will not have a final, these champions will be decided off boulder bash round scores. The top 5 people in both Cuttin’ Shapes and Bust a Move will enter a final to determine the champion in each category.
Categories will be decided based on ability. You decide on your category but we reserve the right to bump you up a category if you have sandbagged yourself (you’re better than you say!) this is honesty based!!
Fresh off the Blocs (beginner): You’re new to climbing and if you’ve been to Northern Rocks before, you’re climbing orange or blue boulders, projecting purple. First timers welcome!
Grade reference V3 and below.
Cuttin’ Shapes (intermediate): You’ve been climbing for a little while, climbing purples and greens, and projecting yellow.
Grade reference V3 – V6
Bust A Move (advanced): You’re busting hard moves and:
female: climbing yellow and trying reds and above
male: comfortably climbing reds and projecting black, and white boulders.
Grade reference V6 +
Boulder Bash: 11 am – 1 pm
(If we have a significant number of entries, we will open another round 1:30-3:30pm)
Briefing at 10:45 am
ARRIVE EARLY to beat the line at check in, anytime from 9:30am. Also, sign up online to save time.
Finals ASAP after the boulder bash
$15 Members
$25 Non-Members
SIGN UP on the ‘Tickets Available’ Link on this event¬†
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Photos from our previous Boulder Bash events!