Northern Rocks Boulder League



Bouldering League is not just any community event, it is designed in a format that scores progression, not just prowess! This means that all climbers, over all levels, are on an equal playing field. No pressure, climb in your own time, log your scores any day of the week!

This is an all gender, all inclusive, community event to log your progression, support others and be part of a fun climbing series!

Schedule and Info

Individuals can climb and log their scores on any day of the week, except for finals day.

Climbing begins: Thursday 4th Aug 2022 10am – Wednesday 12th October 10pm
Finals night: Thursday 20th October – log your climbs from 4pm, winners announced 9pm.
Scores: Log your scores by 10pm every Wednesday.

The final day to log your scores is finals night! Be there to snag those last-minute sends!

  • Bouldering League winners announced!
  • Raffle fundraiser – raising funds for ACAT and the new climbing crag opening Sky Castle: tickets put you in the draw to win a 6 month membership
  • Prizes!

Finals night schedule:

  • Climbing begins at 4:00pm
  • Climbing ends at 8:30pm
  • All scores submitted by 8:35pm!!
  • Raffle draw: 9:00pm
  • Awards: 9:10pm – top 10 climbers overall!


  • Download the app
  • Register your account
  • Menu icon – click on LEAGUES
  • Search Northern Rocks – click on Northern Rocks
  • Click on Northern Rocks Boulder League and ‘Join a Team’
  • Create your own team (no need to add team members, max team is 1 person)
  • Go back to the main Northern Rocks Boulder League page, click on ‘Teams’, click on your own name and SET YOUR HANDICAP. Choose a V grade within the colour that you climb. Refer below or grading chart at NR.

Participants may be members, punch pass holders or guests.


Track your climbs each session and log your top 5 climbs for the week online! click on “log gym climb” to log climbs.

Log your top 5 climbs each week by Wednesday 10pm (league week runs from Thursday through to the following Wednesday each week. Climb any day or night in the week!


Score standings will be posted each Thursday to show the current leaders.



This event is an all gender, all inclusive competition. The handicap scoring system means that all climbers are scored equally, regardless of current climbing ability. Scoring tracks progression, improvement and dedication. The more you improve or climb at your handicap, the higher your score each week!


Each climber decides on their handicap, which is determined by their hardest send (completed) within the previous month. This evens out the scoring so that everyone is on an equal playing field.

Your handicap grade will be given 100 points. If you send this grade of climb during the competition, you will receive 100 points. If you send climbs higher than this grade, you will receive over 100 points, and below this grade, below 100 points.

Example: The hardest climb I completed in the last month was a yellow climb. My handicap is yellow.

  • During week 2, I completed a yellow climb (100 points), red climb (110 points), purple climb (80 points). * points not accurate and are just for reference
  • A person with a yellow handicap climber will receive the same points to climb at their handicap as a climber with a blue handicap, or a black handicap!
  • Handicap adjustment: As you progress and you complete harder problems, your handicap may be adjusted accordingly.

Example: A climber with a blue handicap climbs multiple purple climbs; their handicap will likely be bumped up to purple.

If you sandbag yourself, you will be bumped up!

Extra points: extra points will be earned for an onsight or flash!


Handicap: 100 points

2 grades above handicap: +10%

1 grade above handicap: +5%

1 grade below handicap: -5%

2 grades below handicap: – 10%

3 grades below handicap: -15%



After a section is reset, you have the opportunity to gain extra points!

Onsight = extra 3%

Flash = extra 2%

Terms definitions & grading:

Send: completing a route / reaching the top – with two hands matched and controlled on the last hold; or topping out on a boulder wall – climbing over the top to complete the climb. This is a send.

Onsight: Sending the route ‘on sight’ which means you have never seen the route before, you haven’t watched anyone climb it, and you don’t know the beta.

Beta: The techniques or tips for how to climb a boulder problem

Flash: Flashing a route is when you send it first go, but you have watched someone climb it already and/or you know the beta

Redpoint: When you send a climb that you have been working on and have had multiple attempts to complete

Sandbagging: When you say you climb easier than you actually do! Ie. Give yourself a easy handicap and then regularly climb harder.


Orange VB – V0
Blue V0 – V2
Purple V1 – V3
Green V2 – V5
Yellow V4 – V6
Red V5 – V7
Black V6 – V8
White V7 – V12
Pink VB – V5


Please email [email protected] with any questions!