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  • Friction Labs Secret Stuff – Liquid Chalk


    Secret Stuff is an isopropyl alcohol based liquid chalk. Rub a small amount on your hands, let dry, and a perfect layer of the highest purity Magnesium Carbonate magically appears. The perfect “clean” alternative to loose chalk.

              • Liquid Chalk
              • Isopropyl Alcohol Based
              • Mid-Session Refresher
              • Training Partner
              • Less chalk dust, less mess

    Use Secret Stuff as a total chalk replacement or as a mid-session refresher. Whatever the use, you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality, most hygienic, longest lasting chalk anywhere.

    Not “just chalk”… Secret Stuff helps to disinfect your hands, killing bacteria and getting rid of gunk and grime that builds up over the course of your normal day and during activity. Secret Stuff liquid chalk seeps deep into the texture of your hands—as soon as you apply, you’ll see how well it gets into every nook and cranny.

    “It’s the best chalk to use. It always stays on longer and really sticks to my skin.” – Kyram A.

    “My hands never feel wet anymore!!” – Blair S.

    “The stuff gives me the right grip during my kettlebell snatch workouts. Easy on and less mess…” – Adam V.


    If you’re just ordering liquid chalk and the shipping cost is too high, add in some loose chalk or another product to make it worthwhile!

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  • Friction Labs Magic Reusable Chalk Ball


    Magic is a reusable chalk ball. It comes in a permeable cotton fabric and is perfect for keeping in your chalk bag – on its own or floating in one of our loose chalk blends. Magic is designed to create as little mess as possible and to last significantly longer than the old chalk balls you’re used to.

    Why use a chalk sphere instead of your traditional loose chalk?

    This comes down to your personal preference. Some people prefer the feeling of chalk spheres to loose chalk. Some people like to mix the two. Some gyms require chalk balls to prevent spills and dust. Chemically, it doesn’t matter – whichever one is right for you, you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality, cleanest chalk anywhere.

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  • Metolius Climbing Tape


    Protect your tips and hands with Metolius Cotton polyester blend athletic tape, super sticky formula.

    The white tape is thick tape, the coloured tape is finger tape (half width).

    Includes illustrated, step-by-step taping instructions. Be sure to check out the video links for instructions on taping for split finger tips and climbing hand cracks, which is also a good way to tape if you have calluses on your palms.


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