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  • Evolv Geshido Womens

    Original price was: $279.95.Current price is: $199.00.

    The Geshido was designed for the climber that needs to excel on all types of terrain from moderately overhanging, to vertical, to off-vertical faces for long periods of time. The Geshido is built with a single later vegan synthetic upper, a synthetic upper will undergo less stretch than a leather upper, which will, in turn, keep the shoe feeling tighter and more powerful. The Geshido has a 2 strap hook and loop closure system for easy on and off. Equipped with a 1.2 full-length plastic midsole that will ensure that you have enough power to drive through small features and provide confidence during those technical sequences. The Geshido has a thinner heel rand to yield when the route goes past vertical but is paired with a dark spine heel midsole to ensure that there is plenty of rigidity and power to the toes when needed.



    • Age group: Adult
    • Closure: Dual strap hook and loop closure system
    • Gender: Female
    • Liner: UNLINED
    • Midsole: MX-P : 1.2mm full length, Dark Spine heel midsole
    • Outsole: 4.2mm TRAX® SAS outsole
    • Profile: LV Downturned asymmetric profile
    • Sizes: 4 – 11 US women’s (including half sizes)
    • Upper: Synthetic (Synthratex VX) upper
    • Vegan: Yes
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  • e9 Climbing Wood Brush



    Climbing brush for boudering and crags, with sandpaper on the back to file ruined skin!

    Ergonomic shape and large surface for cleaning slopers and big holds.

    Made of wood and natural bristels.

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  • Organic Chalk Bucket


    Developed through 14 years of feedback from devoted ORGANIC users worldwide! Organic’s Deluxe Chalk Bucket has many tricks up its sleeve! Constructed of burly and colorful 1000D Cordura Nylon with a wrap around panel (sides and bottom) of indestructible 1050 Ballistic Nylon for added durability and stiffness along the bottom and sides of the bag.

    There are a variety of colours and fabrics so either let us choose, make a note in your order of your preferred colours, or pick up from Northern Rocks and choose your preferred colour at the gym.

    • 2 Horizontal brush holders on front of bag for standard size brushes and 2 vertical sewn  pockets on the back for larger, thicker handled brushes.
    • Double pocket (One with zipper with ample room for wallet, phone, keys etc) and a shove it style pocket build in behind the zippered pocket, designed to hold phone upright when utilizing training apps etc, and with sewn in brush slots to keep your brushes at the ready.
    • Super soft fleece lined throughout bag, large bar tack reinforced grab handle on back of bag for easy grabbing between burns.
    • 1″ Hook and Loop closure along the rim, Rolls down and securely clips closed to seal chalk in tight.

    These sell out fast, so if you like one, snag it!

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  • Gift Cards


    A unique and adventurous gift is a gift card at Northern Rocks! Gift cards can be used for any purchase within the facility including the Pro Shop, day entry, memberships, classes, food and beverages. Gift cards can be purchased at the Gym or Online here!

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  • Evolv Zenist


    Sensitive bouldering and training shoe made for modern smeary gym problems

    Max Performance: use your street shoe size for an ultra-snug fit.
    Performance Fit: add a ½ size to your street shoe for a snug fit that is still comfortable to wear for a full session.

    Comfort Fit: add 1 to 1.5 sizes to your street shoe.

    Designed for the competition climber who needs the most feedback from their shoes during precise foot placements and delicate heel & toe hooks. The Vegan synthetic upper built on an aggressively profiled last will ensure your foot is always in a power position and that the shoe will not stretch too much over time. the midsole featured in the Zenist is a rubber midsole that provides just the right amount of rigidity without sacrificing the sensitivity. When the competition is on the line feedback from your shoes can mean the difference between winning and competing.



    • Closure: Straps
    • Gender: Unisex
    • Materials: Synthetic
    • Midsole: MX-R:1.0mm half length rubber midsole
    • Outsole: 4.2mm TRAX ® SAS outsole
    • Vegan: Yes
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  • La Sportiva Miura (Mens)

    Original price was: $289.95.Current price is: $231.96.
    Distinguishing features: precise, firm and structured. No compromise in the search for performance.
    color: Lime
    The Miura holds the ultimate ‘all-around’ solution to the extreme requirements of modern climbing: friction, sensitivity, precision on edges and comfortable fit. The point of the Miura is derived from the Mirage and is very aggressive and extremely effective on small foot holds, pockets, and in cracks.
    La Sportiva
    La Sportiva
    Suede leather, slip lasted.
    1,1 mm LoSpoFlex front only
    Vibram XS Edge sp. 4 mm
    32 – 46 (including half sizes)
    490 g (pair, size 39)
    + Structured shoe made from single piece leather.
    + Maximum precision on small holds and heel hooks.
    + Anticipated lacing to allow for extra precision during the hood.
    + Double tension trim to guarantee maximum support for the foot.
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  • La Sportiva Katana (Womens)


    Katana woman uses a technology designed by La Sportiva team to condense the precision and comfort of the famous Katana model in a version 100% women’s fit.

    Technical climbing shoe with innovative closure, consisting of two hook&loop closures with differentiated and opposite pull direction. Ideal for multi-purpose use in the mountains, crags and bouldering. The successful combination of synthetic and natural materials provides the best compromise between comfort, technical performance and inalterability in the long run. A special midsole with prehensile area under the toe provides for optimal edging support, increasing sensitivity. A Vibram sole with Xs Grip2 for maximum grip. These features make the Katana Woman shoe ideal for climbers who love climbing in all its forms, from bouldering to the crag and classical climbing routes on the wall.
    La Sportiva
    La Sportiva
    Suede leather combined with microfiber, slip lasted.
    Dentex in the back, Pacific in the front.
    LoSpoFlex 0,8 mm total
    Vibram XS Grip2 sp. 4 mm
    33 – 43 (including half sizes)
    430 g (pair, size 39)
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  • Evolv Shaman LV (low volume) New


    Shaman is a modern cambered shoe designed for the climber who challenges themselves with different types of climbing. Equally home on overhanging gymnastic and steep routes that require precise footwork.

    The Shaman is a modern cambered shoe designed for the climber who challenges themselves with different types of climbing. Equally home on overhanging gymnastic and steep routes that require precise footwork. The vegan synthetic upper is built on an aggressively profiled last will ensure your foot is always in a power position and that the shoe will not stretch too much over time. Excelling on every angle and rock type, if there was one shoe to rule them all, it would be Shaman. The tensioned heel rand will provide enough power and support to bear down on small edges, while yielding enough to climb those off vertical angles. The love bump plastic midsole places your toes into a crimped power position, while the knuckle box provides room, so you do not smash your toes against the top of the toe rand, these two features work in parallel to eliminate dead space under your toes and creates a comfortable and powerful sensation out of the box.READ MORE

    Closure: Velcro
    Insole: Unlined
    Liner: SYNTHETIC
    Midsole: MX-P 1.6mm Half-length Love Bump midsole & dark spine heel midsole
    Outsole: 4.2mm TRAX® SAS
    Sizes: US MEN’S: 5-14 (INCLUDING HALF SIZES) +15 US WOMEN’S: 6-15 (INCLUDING HALF SIZES) +16 UK: 4-13 +14 EUR: 37-48.5 +49.5
    Vegan: Yes
    Weight: 8.7oz (246.6g) per shoe Based on Size 9 US MEN’S

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  • Evolv Shakra

    Original price was: $289.95.Current price is: $199.99.

    The Shakra utilizes the same technology, “Love Bump and “Knuckle Box” as the highly successful Shaman in a lower volume and narrower fitting design. An amazing fit, a dual hook and loop closure system, and side-pressure relief rand design make it an extremely comfortable high performance climbing shoe. We’ve added even more rubber for optimal toe hooking, and with a more sensitive midsole than the Shaman, the Shakra connects you to the rock and gives you the edging power you need.


      • VEGAN FRIENDLY SYNTHETIC – Synthratek VX synthetic upper.
      • LOWER VOLUME SHAPE – Designed for the climber with narrow or lower volume feet.
      • KNUCKLE BOX – Makes room for your big toe knuckle to rest in a curled position without having to push fabric and rubber out of the way which causes hot spots in other shoes.
      • MOLDED TRAX® SAS TOE PATCH – For extra toe coverage and protection.
      • SPLIT TONGUE – Gives maximum comfort and easy on and off.
      • LOVE BUMP – Fills dead space under your toes while putting much needed energy towards the edging surface.
      • SPLIT/OUTSOLE – For flexibility through the arch.
      • MOLDED VTR – Our Variable Thickness Rand (VTR) system puts thinner rand rubber in areas to reduce pressure points and hot spots around the foot as well as thicker rubber for increased longevity in the high wear zones near the toe for durability and performance.
      • TRAX® SAS – Best friction plus maximum durability.


    • Age group: Adult
    • Gender: Female
    • Liner: UNLINED
    • Midsole: MX-P: 1.2mm HALF-LENGTH, LOVE BUMP
    • Outsole: 4.2mm TRAX® SAS
    • Sizes: 5 – 12.5 US WOMEN’S (INCLUDING HALF SIZES)
    • Vegan: Yes
    • Weight: 7.2oz PER SHOE (SIZE 7 US WOMEN’S)
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  • Northern Rocks climbing brush



    An essential item for any climbing, grab a brush today and get sending!

    The best climbing brush for gym or outdoor climbing. Tuck it into your chalk bag or bucket, choose your preferred colour, and brush those holds! The sturdy and long lasting handle is nice in the hand, with the curved shape making it easy and effective to use.

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  • NEW So iLL On the Roam Chalk Bucket – Black Wolf


    Outfitted with TPU material for extreme durability and dry bag capabilities, this space-saving, collapsible design and top velcro closure/buckle secures your chalk when not in use. The ON THE ROAM signature collection, in collaboration with So iLL, includes callouts to Jason Momoa’s triangular patterned tattoo (Niho Mano).

    • Durable/Water Resistant TPU Material
    • Lightweight rolldown design enabling dry bag capabilities when the bag is in rolldown form
    • Fleece inner lining
    • Rear zippered pocket
    • So iLL TPR badge
    • Custom TAKEHOLD zipper
    • Velcro closure
    • Elastic loop for brush storage
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  • NEW So iLL Tyvek Rolldown Chalk Bucket – Urban Pink


    Outfitted with Tyvek material for water resistance and a tonal So iLL stacked logo print, this space-saving, collapsible design and reinforced top velcro closure/buckle secures your chalk when not in use. Includes a stable base, brush loop, and zippered accessories pocket to keep track of all the small things.

    • Urban Pink-Space Saving Collapsible Tyvek
    • Dimensions: Height 28cm • Base Width: 20cm
    • Rear Zippered Pocket Dimensions: Pocket width 12.5cm • Height: 12.5cm
    • Polar Fleece Lining
    • Lightweight Rolldown Design
    • So iLL TPU Patches
    • Custom TAKEHOLD Zipper
    • Velcro + Fold & Buckle Dry Bag Style Closure
    • Durable/Water Resistant Material
    • Brush Loop
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