First Visit.

Our facility is the first dedicated bouldering facility of it’s kind in the North Island of NZ. We offer climbing walls to suit all levels of ability, no experience is required. Our staff will provide you with a brief induction to the facility or enjoy one of our foundation classes to get started.

First time climbers receive a free week of climbing after their first paid visit! Bring a new friend during that week and receive a second free week!

Climbing Chalk Bag, bouldering

Everything You Need.

Climbing shoes help you get the most out of your bouldering session with their snug fit and specialised rubber. Shoes are available for rental as well as purchase from our pro shop.

Enjoy the full benefits of our facility at fantastic rates on one of our membership plans. Sign up now now to join the NR family and enjoy the bouldering, yoga, classes, coffee and socialising!


Sign Up Now!

Welcome to a lifetime of adventure! Choose the membership option that suits you best and enjoy the benefits of becoming a member of the NR family.

We welcome all climbers regardless of experience and offer a range of climbing terrain to suit the beginner and the elite.

All members enjoy discounted bouldering on our world class climbing walls plus access to regular fitness, yoga and bouldering education and training classes, FREE wi-fi, pro-shop deals and free entry to events.

Membership Perks
  • Unlimited Climbing, Fitness and Yoga
  • 10% Pro Shop Discount
  • Discounted entry to programs & events
  • Free Yoga classes
  • One Free Guest Pass per Month
  • (guest pass for new climbers to NR)

Pay Monthly


Monthly rolling membership.

Sign up to automatic billing & receive huge discounts on monthly climbing!

Per Month
  • Pay per month
  • $100 ($25 weekly)
Student (proof of ID)
  • $92 ($23 weekly)
Concession (under 16)
  • $90 ($22.50 weekly)

Pay Upfront


Enjoy a healthy discount when you prepay for a full term.

Per Term
  • 1 Month Term
  • 3 Month Term
  • 6 Month Term
  • $129 (32.50 weekly)
  • $288 ($24 weekly)
  • $528 ($22 weekly)
Concession (under 16)
  • $119 ($29.75 weekly)
  • $259.20 ($21.60 weekly)
  • $475.2 ($19.80 weekly)

Day Passes.

First time climbers receive a free week of climbing after their first paid visit! Bring a new friend during that week and receive a second free week!

Day Pass
  • Includes unlimited climbing and fitness facilities for that day. Climbing shoes must be worn on the bouldering walls and are available for rental or purchase.
$20.00Buy At Reception
  • Climbing shoes are essential for bouldering with their snug fit and specialised rubber. Climbing shoes must be worn when participating in bouldering & we encourage you to wear socks if renting shoes.
$5Buy At Reception
Concession (under 16)
  • Youth 15 years and under.
  • Those 13 years and under must be supervised unless participating in coaching or are experienced climbers.
$17.50Buy At Reception
  • Kids 7 years and under are encouraged to climb between 10am - 4pm
  • It is recommended to visit during these hours if you have young ones wishing to climb. Climbing shoes available for rental.
  • *Parent supervision is required
$15Buy At Reception
  • 16yrs and over
  • Includes unlimited climbing, discounted entry, use of fitness facilities, fitness and yoga classes.
  • Shoe hire add $5 per punch.
10 Punch Pass Concession
  • Youth 15 years and under and Tertiary Students
  • Includes unlimited climbing and use of fitness facilities.
  • Shoe hire add $5 per punch.
$162 Youth / $170 Student