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Youth Bouldering Teams.

Bouldering made its debut as an Olympic sport in the 2020(1) Olympic Games, showcasing the growing popularity and opportunities within the sport of climbing.

At Northern Rocks, we are committed to providing young individuals with the chance to explore and engage in the exhilarating world of bouldering.

Our climbing teams offer a supportive environment where youth can develop their skills, pursue their goals, and train alongside experienced coaches and peers.

We offer a wide range of classes suitable for all abilities, from beginners to those focused on competition, with inclusive features like rental shoes and friendly coaching. Our coaching team consists of accomplished climbers, including national champions and NZ national team climbers, who have extensive coaching experience.

With Northern Rocks, you can trust that you’re in good hands. Join our climbing team and become a part of a safe and fun community dedicated to building better climbers, increasing youth sport participation, and fostering a passion for climbing.


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Mini – Boulder Stars

Have Fun & Learn Skills

Ages 6-7 Years

Northern Rocks youngest climbers demonstrate a keen interest in climbing and often have natural ability on the wall. They are excited to climb in a group with an experienced coach and develop basic climbing skills in a supportive environment.

Mini Boulder Stars will learn body awareness, movement skills, hold grip types and names, basic climbing technique, begin to asses risk and self-management in our facility. They will build confidence, balance, teamwork and have a lot of fun with climbing games and sharing their climbing journey with similar age kids!

This class is the perfect path for those young ones who climb everything and have energy to burn, they’ll love climbing on the wall in a fun and welcoming facility with experienced coaches.

Weekly classes: Wednesdays 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Term cost: $204.00 for ten week term ($20.40 per lesson)

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Have Fun & Develop Technique

Ages 8-16 Years

The Boulder Stars program at Northern Rocks offers an ideal term-based opportunity for individuals interested in developing fundamental bouldering skills and expanding their climbing knowledge. In a safe and inclusive environment, youth will have the chance to experience the incredible sport of bouldering alongside like-minded peers and experienced coaches.

The classes focus on introducing and cultivating essential bouldering techniques through engaging exercises and games. Participants will enhance their confidence, balance, coordination, teamwork, climbing-specific skills, and develop mind and body awareness, all while having a fantastic time.

As youth progress and improve their bouldering abilities, our coaches will adapt the sessions to cater to each climber\’s needs, providing the option to work towards social gatherings or competition events

Weekly classes: choose either Tuesdays or Wednesdays 4:30pm – 6pm

Term cost: $265 for ten week term ($26.50 per lesson)

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Boulder Crushers
Development Team

Develop Strength & Technique

Ages 9-16 Years

The Northern Rocks Boulder Crushers program is designed for youth who are progressing beyond the base level climbing skills and seeking to develop more advanced techniques and specific climbing abilities.

Our dedicated coaches aim to continuously challenge climbers by guiding them through a comprehensive series of movement and technique skills, stretching exercises, basic conditioning, mental preparedness, as well as building strength and stamina. Participants will have the opportunity to work alongside peers of similar age and ability, ensuring a supportive and motivating environment.

Our coaches are committed to tailoring the program to suit the individual improvement level of each climber, providing personalized attention and support. Additionally, as many of these youth actively participate in competitions like the AIMS Games and other social/national events, our sessions will incorporate elements of competition preparation for those interested in exploring the competitive side of climbing.

Weekly Classes: Thursdays 4:30pm – 6:30pm
Term cost: $290 Members ($29 per lesson);

$320 Non-Members ($32 per lesson)

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Boulder Pros
Advanced & Competition Team

Advanced Training & Competition Skills Program

Ages 11-18 Years

Northern Rocks Boulder Pros is an exclusive team of dedicated climbers focused on developing advanced bouldering skills and committed to their climbing training. Created by Sarah Hay, Director of Northern Rocks and National Champion climber, this class is specifically designed for youth who are concentrating on advancing their bouldering technique, building strength and conditioning, mastering projecting, enhancing endurance and stamina, preparing for competitions, practicing visualization, and honing mental preparation.

In addition to these key aspects, our experienced coaches will also provide valuable insights into injury prevention, effective warm-up and cool-down routines, stretching techniques, and training ideas that youth can incorporate into their personal practice.

Boulder Pros participants are encouraged to climb a minimum of twice per week. Limited spaces are available.

Weekly classes: Fridays 4:30pm – 6:30pm
Term cost: Fridays: $330 Members ($33 per lesson);

$380 Non-members ($38 per lesson)

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More classes available!

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  • Bouldering for home schoolers
  • She Climbs – high school girls bouldering (fully funded = free)
  • School holiday programs
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Climbing Classes for Home Schoolers

Are you a home school or alternative school student? Looking for a activity to get active and further your learning? Our home school bouldering classes offer a fun, supervised bouldering session with our experienced coaches where youth will take part in confidence-building climbing games, learn essential bouldering skills, movement and technique, and team building activities.

Classes run throughout the regular school term, for ten weeks. The coached session is every Tuesday at 1:45pm by national youth climbing team member Grace Hansen. The fees include all day climbing + shoe hire, so you can arrive early, or stay after the class to practice your bouldering! Please email [email protected] to book in for this class, or book on the below link.

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She Climbs

For new and beginner climbers. Fully funded thanks to Tu Manawa Active Aotearoa & Harbour Sport!

Partnering with Sport NZ and the #itsmymove campaign, She Climbs is a climbing (bouldering) program designed to engage young women in sport, specifically climbing! She Climbs offers a safe and social space for high school age women to experience bouldering and connect with other rad young women. Our program will help young women gain confidence, build body positivity, grow friendships and receive quality coaching from our experienced female coaches.

She Climb empowers young women to give climbing a go in a safe and supportive environment, and to have fun while participating in active recreation! We encourage young women to challenge themselves on the wide variety of climbing terrain, learn new movements, be inspired by each other, and gain fitness and self confidence. Bouldering is for everyone, and is an activity that women can excel in with the techniques, balance and problem solving skills involved!

Fridays 4:30-6:30pm during the school term.


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She Boulders Development Program

For developing climbers. This is a girls only climbing program for year 9-13. This development program is designed to develop girls climbing skills, technique, self-confidence, team building and fun!

She Boulders is partially funded by Northern Rocks and is offering a reduced entry, climbing shoe hire and coaching of $20 per session. Participants must sign up to the full term.

She Boulders is designed to engage young women in sport, specifically climbing and offers a safe and social space to experience bouldering and connect with other rad young women. Our program will help young women gain confidence, build body positivity, grow friendships and receive quality coaching from our experienced female coaches.

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Get in touch about a Youth class

    School Holidays.

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    During those holiday weeks where play time is every day, come in to our facility to enjoy climbing for a few hours or all day!

    Bring your lunch, day passes last all day. One of our staff will give first time climbers an introduction to the facility, and you’ll receive a free week of climbing after your first paid visit.

    A great way to get the most out of your visit is to book a coach for an hour, who will go through the basics and meet you where you’re at with specific climbing technique advice, movement and bouldering skills.


    Or, join in one of our school holiday programs to keep your kids active, engaged, having fun and learning new skills.

    We offer half day or full day programs, lead by experienced coaches and offering fun climbing games, body movement and literacy, the essential skills of bouldering, learning how to boulder using different holds and techniques, youth yoga, and team building activities.

    There will also be a fun competition element with some of the games! Inquire now for available dates.

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