Welcome to our Youth Bouldering Teams.

At Northern Rocks we are invested in giving youth the opportunity to experience the amazing sport of bouldering, to develop and grow within our climbing teams and pursue their goals alongside peers and experienced coaches. Northern Rocks offer a range of classes to suit all abilities, from the beginner through to competition focused, with rental shoes and friendly coaches all included. Our coaching team includes national champion climbers with vast coaching experience, you’re in good hands!

The Northern Rocks Climbing Team is made up of all of our youth groups that practice during the week at Northern Rocks as part of our team practice sessions. These development groups are a safe place for youth to develop and build their knowledge and skills in climbing, with a focus on participation, fun, building better climbers and increasing youth sport participation. Join our team and get involved!


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Mini – Boulder Stars

Ages 6-8 Years

Northern Rocks youngest climbers demonstrate a keen interest in climbing and often have natural ability on the wall. They are excited to climb in a group with an experienced coach and develop basic climbing skills in a supportive environment.

Mini Boulder Stars will learn body awareness, movement skills, hold grip types and names, basic climbing technique, begin to asses risk and self-management in our facility. They will build confidence, balance, teamwork and have a lot of fun with climbing games and sharing their climbing journey with similar age kids!

This class is the perfect path for those young ones who climb everything and have energy to burn, they’ll love climbing on the wall in a fun and welcoming facility with experienced coaches.

Weekly classes: Thursdays 4:30pm – 6pm

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Ages 9-16 Years

Boulder Stars is the perfect term program for those interested in developing a base level bouldering skills and develop their climbing knowledge. Youth will experience the incredible sport of bouldering alongside peers and experienced coaches in a safe and welcoming environment.

Classes introduce and develop fundamental bouldering technique through exercises and games, including building confidence, balance, co-ordination, team building, climbing specific skills, mind and body awareness and most of all, fun!

As youth advance in their bouldering skills the coaches will adapt their sessions to suit the climber, with the option to work towards social or competition events.

Weekly classes: choose either Tuesdays or Wednesdays 4:30pm – 6pm

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Boulder Crushers

Ages 9-16 Years

Northern Rocks Boulder Crushers are for youth who are advancing their base level climbing skills through more advanced technique and specific climbing skills. Designed to continually challenge the climber, coaches will guide youth through a series of movement and technique skills, stretching and basic conditioning, mental preparedness, strength and stamina.

Youth will work alongside peers of similar age and ability, and coaches will support youth and adjust programs to suit the improvement level of each climber.

Many of these youth enter competitions such as the AIMS Games or social/national events, so there will be elements of competition preparation incorporated in the sessions for those that are keen to give competition a go.

Weekly Classes: Thursdays 4:30pm – 6:30pm

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Boulder Pros


Ages 11-18 Years

Northern Rocks Boulder Pros are a team of climbers who are developing advanced bouldering skills and are dedicated to their climbing training. This class is for youth who are concentrating on advanced bouldering technique, strength and conditioning, projecting, endurance and stamina, competition preparation, visualisation and mental preparation.

Coaches will also cover injury prevention, warming up and cooling down effectively, stretching and training ideas for youth to take away and practice. Boulder Pros are aiming to gain confidence and technical skills and our coaches will guide youth through their personal goals and climbing strengths.

Boulder Pros are encouraged to climb a minimum of twice per week, and to join the Boulder Training on Tuesdays.

Weekly classes: Fridays 4:15pm – 6:15pm

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Tuesday Training!

The best way to get better at bouldering is to boulder more with peers and coaches! If you’re part of Boulder Crushers or Pro’s Teams, you’re welcome to join in this extra session to top up your learning and skills in climbing. This group class will provide technique and training exercises, endurance, power endurance, conditioning, fun competitions and projecting.

We’re excited to see you there!

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After School Climbing Classes

Looking for a fun after school activity? Our after school Bouldering classes offer a fun, supervised bouldering session with our experienced coaches where youth will take part in confidence-building climbing games, learn essential bouldering skills, movement and technique, and team building activities.

See above for any of our youth climbing programs and get in touch with the Northern Rocks staff!

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School Holidays.

During those holiday weeks where play time is every day, come in to our facility to enjoy climbing for a few hours or all day! Bring your lunch, day passes last all day. One of our staff will give first time climbers an introduction to the facility, and you’ll receive a free week of climbing after your first paid visit. A great way to get the most out of your visit is to book a coach for an hour, who will go through the basics and meet you where you’re at with specific climbing technique advice, movement and bouldering skills.

Or, join in one of our school holiday programs to keep your kids active, engaged, having fun and learning new skills. Our half day programs are lead by experienced coaches and offer fun climbing games, body movement and literacy, the essential skills of bouldering, learning how to boulder using different holds and techniques, youth yoga, and team building activities. There will also be a fun competition element with some of the games! Inquire now for available dates.

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